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With audio visuals an idea can be heard, can move...even sing & dance...

Ideas once captured by mere pictures and words
are now set in motion and brought alive
by the enhancements of audio,
by the emotions of music,
by the demonstrations of video.

And audiences drawn to new movement and spectacle
find the information now seen
can be experienced with new depth and appeal,
and offers new levels of memorable sensation.

Audio, Video & Film

My Audio-Video-Film skills & experience include:

• I trained for Radio, Television and Film in College-at two levels.

• My writing focuses concentrate in television writing.

• I worked for the ABC-TV affiliate in my native Harrisburg area.

• I taught a range of Digital Video classes.

• Fully experienced with Adobe Premiere & Apple Final Cut Suites.

The Video/Interactive Gallery includes several clips that sample the help I can offer with video.

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